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Working as a Freelancer: A rewarding experience.

Have you ever thought of freelancing? The rise of the digital era has increased the demand for freelancing jobs and resulted in many people opting for freelancing in 2021. According to recent data, US & UK are among the top countries with the highest number of freelancer jobs in the world. Organizations now prefer hiring freelancers (on a contract basis) over hiring a full-time employee over specific skills that help them reduce their hiring & training costs.

Freelancing has been the most rewarding experience for me, it entails a great deal of freedom, individuality, and a choice over my future. Kudos to high-speed internet, Wi-Fi, video, and chat services; as a freelancer, I now live in an international destination and work with brands across the globe. Not to mention the perks of earning and beings my own boss.

I moved to Malaysia in 2018 and started working as a freelance digital marketer and content creator for an Advertising agency. After working for them for over two years, I decided to start my own business and Sociojenics happened! I am so proud of this decision that now when I look back at my 10-year career in Human Resources, I feel why didn't I think of this earlier.

Here's the good news: You could still start your freelancing business without any experience or money. All you need is a passion to learn and a good internet connection. Identify your interest and start learning a skill. I learned video editing skills on YouTube and trust me my first client was someone I found on Instagram (where I was creating content to attract an audience to subscribe to my YouTube Channel). You know what they say, "With the right mindset you can achieve everything."

I have definitely come far and enjoying this fulfilling journey. Now, I work from an apartment in Kuala Lumpur for US brands while looking out of the window onto a beautiful view of the Petronas towers. This is truly blissful!

If you are someone who is wondering how to start working as a freelancer, I would love to share some essential tips and tricks for kicking off your freelance career with confidence. Stay tuned for my next blog on this topic - Subscribe today!

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