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How to Engage with your followers on Instagram: Instagram Tips To Grow Your Business

Updated: Jun 29, 2023

Are you wondering how to gain organic reach and newer followers? Read this Blog to find out!

After working in the digital marketing industry for nearly a decade and generating organic leads for my customers on a daily basis, I have derived these tricks to make the most of each platform and gain maximum organic engagement. Today I will be sharing 5 useful tips that can help you 2x your engagement on the Instagram platform.

Try these tips out and work on them on a daily basis and see your business grow!

Tip #1 - Engage with new accounts daily

I assure you guaranteed results if you follow this tip and engage with five to six new accounts daily on Instagram. Engaging with new accounts by following them, liking and connecting on their posts will help you reach the newer and potential target audience. Choose these new accounts as per your niche or relatively those who are your potential customers.

Interacting with new accounts will help you reach a wider audience and also grow your account.

This is how I got my coaching client new customers for her business.

Tip #2 - Create Engaging Stories

Storytelling sells! Instagram stories are fun, free & an effective way to keep your audience engaged, this will help your current followers engaged with your content and also help you understand what topics your audience prefers to connect to. First, focus on the views. Second, get creative with stickers!

"With over 500 million people watching Instagram Stories every day, you want to get them involved and engaged with your business!"

Tip #3 - Make it personal

Create content that will connect with your audience, and share your personal experiences for them to relate and react! Know your audience and create for them - then focus on creating informative, valuable, educational, and visually appealing content.

Tip #4 - Create Relatable Memes

You heard it right! Memes are the best way to connect with your audience, create relatable memes and win your audience's heart. Memes are funny, creative, and relatable and 2022 is all about reliability. Regardless of your niche or industry there is an opportunity to create memes and grow your account.

Want more shares? Get those memes going and watch your reach grow!

Tip #5 - Use Hashtags #️⃣ that resonate with your content

Lastly, the trick to get the maximum engagement is by sharing relevant hashtags. using 30 hashtags still gets us the maximum reach. It is still one of the best tactics to reach newer audiences on Instagram. So without a doubt, hashtags must be a part of your engagement strategy.

Don’t Forget to Follow ✅️ @sociojenics on Instagram

Next time you’re planning and strategizing your content, try to incorporate these tips and watch the engagement roll in!

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