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How to batch create content and save time: Social Media Content Creation Tips

Updated: Jun 29

Ready to up your content planning game?

One of my favorite tasks's as a content creator is batching content. If you are a social media content creator you will understand where I am coming from, but for my entrepreneurs who find themselves struggling to plan content last minute, not knowing what to post - Well, I hear ya!

Batching content is a technical term Social Media content professionals use, which means we schedule content in advance and are prepared with content to be posted on all platforms. Content batching is a productivity technique where you create all of your captions and visual content in advance instead of panicking at the last minute and running out of content ideas. for example: instead of spreading one hour on planning, creating, and publishing one Instagram post, you'll spend that hour writing or "batching" an entire week of captions and create visuals.

Lacking a structure or format to create a strategy will cost your business, hence I highly recommend you have an effective content strategy in place and start batching your content. This will help you create more content in less time and with less overall stress, effort, and procrastination.

When you start to batch your content, take time to brainstorm ideas. Set time aside to get creative. Choose the best time of your day and start writing all your ideas. Here's a tip: Ask yourself, What do your clients/customers always ask about? How can I announce about the new sales or special offer designed to seel? What should I communicate to my audience about my business? This should help you get started with topics to create strategic content for your audience.

Once you are done with content creation, save it under google or excel sheet and start creating compelling visuals. Set aside time in your calendar and schedule all your posts.

There you go - your content calendar is ready. Easy peasy!!!

Did you like this content creation trick?

Save your time using this trick and invest in utilizing it to focus on your business growth.

Need some help getting started with batching your content - drop me an email and I can help you create social media content as per your niche/business requirements.

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