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  • Do you offer ongoing monthly services or use contracts?
    Sociojenics works on retainership business model. We can discuss this in detail on our discovery call with you at length.
  • Do you have portfolios or samples of your past marketing campaigns or client work?
    Yes. We have all the links and those will be available to you to on request.
  • Does my business really need Digital Marketing?
    Yes. The digital platform will only help you launch your brand to a wider audience. Today’s modern world of business requires every brand to have social proofs on digital platforms.
  • What is your pricing model and how do you charge for your services?
    We cannot disclose the exact pricing amount here as every business is unique and so are their service requirements, we can get on a discovery call to understand your brand needs followed by sharing the apt proposal for the services requested by you.
  • How much involvement is required from the business?
    Sociojenics works on a DFY (do for you) model.
  • Who is responsible for creating content?
    We would first understand your niche and brand audience to market to and create content that works for every platform. You can get more clarity on this on our discovery call.
  • Is Sociojenics an agency or a freelance service provider?
    Sociojenics is a Digital Marketing Consulting Service.
  • Which locations are you providing services for?
    We are open to provide digital solutions across the globe, we are currently working with clients from India, USA, UAE, UK, Australia and other regions.
  • What kind of video marketing services do you provide?
    We work on video marketing services used for various social media platforms like YouTube, Instagram, Facebook Ads etc., are available on request.
  • What kind of services do you specialize in?
    We provide Branding, Social Media Marketing & Social Media Advertising services for all digital platforms that you would choose to use to attract your target audience.
  • How can I book a call to enquire about your services?
    Kindly book an appointment here:
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